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How To Clean Shag Carpet





ALWAYS contact the manufacturer of your shag carpet before attempting to vacuum it.  Ask them specifically what type of vacuum they recommend for your specific carpet.  In some cases a vacuum with a beater bar can damage the carpet and/or vacuum.  Suction only vacuums can tear the threads right out of the carpet in some cases.  Some shag carpets are so thick that they can only be cleaned with a carpet rake.  After you've found what type of vacuum to use, be sure to vacuum your carpet at least once a week.  Allowing dirt and grime to remain for too long within a shag carpet can lead to damage resulting from abrasion of the carpet fibers.

It's also very important to have your shag carpet steam cleaned at least once a year.  As dirt and oily grime build up within your carpet during the year, regular vacuuming becomes less and less effective.  You need to have your shag carpet steam cleaned in order to "deep clean" the carpet.  This "deep cleaning" removes oily residue and grime that normal vacuuming can't remove.  Regularly steam cleaning your carpet not only lengthens its lifespan, but restores the natural beauty and appearance of the carpet.  Failing to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once every year can also void your carpet's warranty in some cases.

Stains and spills are notoriously difficult to remove from shag carpet.  What could possibly be a very easy clean up for a textured cut pile carpet is made exponentially more difficult when dealing with shag.  The very attributes that draw people to admire shag carpet are also what makes removing substances like syrup and butter such a chore.

When dealing with spills and stains on shag carpet, the best advice we can give you is to scoop up as much of the substance as possible with a spoon or dull knife, followed by gentle blotting at the substance with paper towels.  You want to remove as much of the spill as possible before applying further stain removal techniques.  Then select the specific substance that you've spilled on your carpet from the menu on the left and proceed from there.

Shag carpet is thick and luxurious, but can be a real pain in the rear at times.  We've seen carpet that after being removed from a home was found to harbor large quantities of pocket change, jewelry, and even small toy cars!  So envision the dirt and germs that your carpet may be keeping hidden from view.  Vacuum your shag carpet regularly, have it steam cleaned at least once a year, and it will remain soft and attractive for years to come.