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Nylon Carpet


Nylon is the most popular carpet fiber made today.  More than 70% of carpet is made from nylon.  This is because nylon is soft and very stain resistant.  Chances are your feet are resting on nylon right at this very moment.


Nylon Tactesse Carpet


Nylon Tactesse carpet is a stronger, much softer form of nylon.  Nylon tactesse contains smaller, more densely packed fibers that create a softer feel while at the same time being much more durable.  If you can afford the added price of nylon tactesse we highly recommend it.  A carpet containing nylon tactesse will retain its texture longer than a standard nylon carpet.


Wool Carpet


Wool being a natural fiber is much more expensive than any other carpet fiber.  It's also much softer and durable.  Wool is the softest, most durable carpet fiber that you can purchase.  The only drawback to wool besides its hefty price tag, is that it is also the least stain resistant.  Wool sucks up spills like a sponge.  It can be difficult to remove some stains from wool carpet so we recommend exercising caution if you have young children.  Otherwise wool is a fantastic choice, especially if you're interested in berber which usually does not have a very soft feel.  Wool berber with large thick loops is a joy to walk upon.


Olefin Carpet


Olefin (Polypropylene) used to primarily be a commercial grade fiber.  Although extremely durable and resistant to traffic, much of it has a rough feel to it.  Walking barefoot on Olefin is not usually a pleasant experience. 

Recently companies have been producing Polypropylene carpet that has a very soft, plush-like feel to it.  We no longer try to steer people away from this fiber.  Just make sure you do your homework and purchase it from a reputable company.


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