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How To Remove Mud From Carpet





To clean mud from synthetic carpet, follow the procedures listed below.  Begin with step one, progressing only to the next step if necessary.  Remember that you always want to use the gentlest approach to cleaning a carpet stain first.


(Begin with step 1, if the stain remains then proceed to the next step. Always test the following stain removal solutions in an inconspicuous area first to make sure they won't damage your carpet.)

Synthetic Carpet

1.  Use a detergent solution by mixing one teaspoon of clear dish washing liquid with one cup of warm water. Make sure the water is not hot.


You come home from work tired and hungry only to be greeted with two small pairs of muddy shoe prints leading right through the center of your home. Not a fun sight to behold, but one that I'm quite familiar with. This is why we have small area rugs placed strategically at all doors leading outside. Shoes are to be wiped off outside on the door mat, and then taken off and placed neatly upon the area rugs by the door. Guests follow these rules as well.

We don't allow anyone to walk upon our carpet while wearing shoes. It doesn't matter who it is.

“You're here to fix the toilet? Please take off your shoes. Cable? Off with the shoes please.”

We're not trying to be rude or fussy. It's simply because carpet cleans your shoes. The fibers act as little tiny brushes working furiously to remove all of that wonderful stuff that you collect on the bottom of your shoes. Did you visit the bathroom when you went to the movies? Then you took part of that bathroom home with you and deposited it right into your nice comfy warm carpet that you love to lay on in front of the television. Please leave your shoes at the door. Your carpet will be much cleaner and last longer.

To clean mud from carpet allow it to dry completely. Once dry scrap up the hard pieces using the edge of a credit card and vacuum up as much of the remaining mud flakes as you can. Now mix together the detergent solution listed above.

Taking a clean sponge, apply the solution to the mud stains. Use paper towels to remove the solution by blotting. Don't rub the stains as this will simply spread the stain and damage the fibers in your carpet. Continue applying the solution and blotting it up until you're happy with the results. Rinse the carpet thoroughly with plain water.

Mud is usually fairly easy to remove if your carpet has any type of decent stain resistance. If your carpet is very old you may need to call in a professional as certain types of stain coatings wear off over time.