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How To Remove Tar From Carpet





To clean tar from synthetic carpet, follow the procedures listed below.  Begin with step one, progressing only to the next step if necessary.  Remember that you always want to use the gentlest approach to cleaning a carpet stain first.


(Begin with step 1, if the stain remains then proceed to the next step. Always test the following stain removal solutions in an inconspicuous area first to make sure they won't damage your carpet.)

Synthetic Carpet

1.  Use a dry cleaning solvent such as Carbona or Energine. Dry cleaning solvent should never be used on polyester.


Tar on carpet seems like the type of carpet stain that a normal person would never ever have to deal with doesn't it?  I kid you not, I've actually had to remove tar from carpet before.

My mother needed a new roof a few years back, I had the summer off from work and being the complete imbecile that I am, decided that building her a new roof would be a "fun" summer project.  I even got my sister involved for which I'm sure she is eternally grateful.

After nearly two fun filled months we finished her roof.  I will never, ever step foot on a roof again.  And as far as removing the tar from carpet.  Good luck!  I ended up having to cut out a small piece of our carpet where the stuff just would not come up.  Leave your shoes outside the house if you're going to be working on the roof.  Better yet, don't work on the roof at all!