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Why Is Fabrica Carpet So Expensive?





Fabrica Carpet has a reputation for being the best in the business.  Fabrica is world renowned for its high end, luxury carpet.  If you must have the best, then you’ve really only got one choice in carpet.

But why is Fabrica so darn expensive?  Some of their carpet is upwards of $16.00 per square foot!  Not a cheap investment by any means.

Fabrica is expensive because generally their carpet is more time consuming to manufacture.  For instance, they create their wide variety of colors through a process known as Beck Dyeing.  Unlike other carpets that are dyed relatively quickly, color is applied to Fabrica Carpet through hours of deep dye immersion.  This process allows the colors to not only be richer, but more resistant to color fading. 

Beck Dyeing also assures that colors between dye lots are consistent.  Other dyeing processes can lead to something called dye lot variation.  A dye lot variation is when the carpet from one batch is off color by a noticeable amount.  Due to Fabrica’s intensive color dyeing process you don’t have to worry about this being an issue.  Fabrica is world famous for its extensive color palette.

Overall Fabrica’s manufacturing process is above the industry standard in virtually every way.  In addition to using premium fibers, the twist of their carpet is tighter, it is denser than normal carpet, and it includes a high quality synthetic, latex backing which resists stretching and wrinkling.  Properly installed Fabrica Carpet will not only last a long time but retain its vibrant colors much longer than normal run of the mill carpet will.

Fabrica’s formal plushes are in my opinion where the company really shines.  If you compare one of Fabrica’s plushes to a competitors product, the difference is immediately apparent.  Their plushes are very finely twisted and have a magnificently soft and smooth finish.  The finish on their carpet is so fine due to the multiple times the carpet is sheared.  This gives the carpet an elegant, smooth finish that in our opinion many other carpet manufacturer's plushes just can’t compete with.

Being an exclusive product, you can’t find Fabrica Carpet everywhere.  Fabrica isn’t something you’ll find on sale at a cheap outlet somewhere.  We recommend shopping at The Great Indoors as they offer a wide variety of Fabrica styles as well as experienced carpet salesmen.  You’ll also generally find that they tend to use higher quality installers.  It’s important that the carpet installers you choose are Fabrica certified as they will have been trained how to best lay seams and whatnot.

If you have your heart set on Fabrica, expect to pay anywhere from $8.00 to $13.00 and up per square foot.  Their nicer formal plushes generally run in the $13.00 per SQ/FT range.  Buying Fabrica Carpet is like purchasing a luxury car.  Is it absolutely necessary?  No, but owning Fabrica will add depth and a certain special something to your house that’s almost priceless.  Not to mention the bragging rights you’ll gain when neighbors come to visit.  It’s nice to be able to say that you own carpet that is in the White House.