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How To Remove Beer From Carpet


Spilled Beer


To clean beer from synthetic carpet, follow the procedures listed below.  Begin with step one, progressing only to the next step if necessary.  Remember that you always want to use the gentlest approach to cleaning a carpet stain first.


(Begin with step 1, if the stain remains then proceed to the next step. Always test the following stain removal solutions in an inconspicuous area first to make sure they won't damage your carpet.)

Synthetic Carpet

1.  Soak the area liberally with cold water.  Blot dry with paper towels.  Re-soak and re-dry area until the beer has been removed from the carpet.

2.  Mix 1/2 teaspoon non-bleaching dish washing detergent (without lanolin or bleach) with one cup of warm water.

3.  Mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with two thirds cup of water.

4.  Use a dry cleaning solvent such as Carbona or Energine. Dry cleaning solvent should never be used on polyester.


So it's poker night and your "buddy, husband, random idiot, 'insert name here' " knocks over his 32 ounce beer, sending it spewing across your newly installed beautiful carpet.  The horror!  Before you smack him along the backside of his head, get that spill up!  Beer left overnight on carpet smells awful!  The longer it's allowed to set, the harder it is to get up.  And did we mention it smells!

I was at a party when I was much younger where a keg of beer was knocked over on its side and allowed to remain in that position overnight.  During the night it began to leak from its spout, emptying its entire contents across a nice thick, cut pile carpet.  The homeowners neglected to properly remove the beer and to this day I would imagine that room still smells.