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How To Clean Cut Pile Carpet





Cut Pile Carpet


Standard cut pile carpets are the easiest of the carpet styles to clean.  They don't have loops or fibers of varying lengths and widths which debris can become stuck within.

To clean a cut pile carpet, simply use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating beater bar.  Using a suction only vacuum on a cut pile carpet will not agitate the carpet directly.  You need a beater bar to agitate the carpet, allowing the vacuum to deep clean down to the carpet backing.  Setting the vacuum cleaner to the right height based on your particular carpet is very important.  Set it too high and you won't remove deep embedded dirt.  Too low and you'll put undue strain on your carpet and vacuum cleaner.  You'll know that you've set the vacuum cleaner to the right height for your particular carpet if you see the carpet vibrating slightly, extending out a few inches from the cleaner.

Allowing debris to remain deep within your carpet will lead to conditions such as matting and packing.  It's extremely important that you have your carpet steam cleaned at least once a year.  This is the only sure way to remove oil and other gunk that vacuum cleaners are unable to dispose of.  For more information on how to clean carpet please read our basic carpet cleaning guide.