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The popularity of carpet squares (also referred to as carpet tiles) has risen dramatically within just the last few years.  Carpet tiles aren’t normally used as a replacement for normal wall to wall carpeting but as a creative substitute used sparingly in one or two select areas of a home.  They’re often used as a quick alternative to an area rug or by creative types looking for an outlet whereby they can give their home a unique, custom look.

Carpet squares are unique in that they include not only the carpet itself, but the pad and a form of adhesive backing as well.  Instead of installing tack strips and stretching the carpet in as with normal carpet installation, for carpet squares you simply peel the backing off and stick them down.  Creative types will often use carpet squares to create unique arrangements of colors and patterns that can really add life to a room, something not easily done with normal carpet.

To figure out how many carpet squares you’ll need simply measure the length and width of the area you plan to install the carpet in.  Now multiply the two figures together to find a total square feet.  Divide the total square feet by nine to find the square yards.  For oddly shaped rooms simply break them up into measurable segments and then add the areas together.  Add roughly 10% to the entire amount of square feet needed for overage and then order the necessary amount of carpet tiles.

Installation of carpet squares is quite easy.  All you need is a double edged blade and a straight edge.  Use a chalk line to snap down guide lines if needed.  Then simply peel off the backing and start putting the squares down.  Trim as needed and feel free to be as creative as you wish.  Carpet squares are easily removed and replaced as your whims dictate.

You can install carpet tiles over just about any surface including tile, wood, marble, granite, and concrete.  Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications ahead of time.  It's important to be certain that the surface is suitable for your particular product, being sure to note if any special preparation is required.  If installing over concrete be sure to seal it first as the tiles won’t stick properly otherwise.

Installing carpet tiles can be an enjoyable, relaxing experience.  Just be sure to give yourself enough time to finish the job at your own pace and to formulate some sort of plan ahead of time so that you’re not just randomly placing tiles everywhere.

Did you just install a particularly creative pattern of carpet tiles in your house?  If so we’d love to see a picture!  If you’ll let us we’ll even put a picture here for everyone to see.  You can email us via the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page.