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Carpet Pattern Matching





Installing carpet with a pattern is not a job for do-it-yourselfers.  Installing patterned carpet requires an additional step during installation called “pattern matching.”  Pattern matching requires a unique skill set that only study and experience can develop.  Pattern matching refers to how carpet is aligned during seaming and general installation.  Obviously if you have large elaborate patterns then you don’t want the patterns to be cut off abruptly with a seam right through the middle of the room.  If seamed correctly, there shouldn’t be a break in any of the patterns where seams are connected along newly installed carpet.

Patterned carpet is constructed in most cases with pre-dyed yarn using various techniques, the main three types being woven, knitted, or tufted.  Patterns can also be created after the carpet has been manufactured by applying color directly to the carpet.  This is done through screen printing or injection dyeing. Injection dyeing is a process whereas color dye is injected into the carpets fibers after production.  This is done through the use of computers programmed specifically for this use.

Unfortunately various problems can arise during the manufacturing process that can distort a carpets pattern increasing the difficulty of an installation.  “Pattern Bow” is one problem that occurs which can give the carpet a distorted, warped appearance.  There can also be problems with the pattern not being perfectly square which will become very apparent with some carpet patterns.  This is called “pattern bias,” and can be a nightmare for installers if severe.  This is another reason why installing pattern matched carpet is not for do-it-yourselfers.  Dealing with the many problems that can arise when installing a patterned carpet takes knowledge that can only come from years of experience in dealing with carpet installation.

When selecting a patterned carpet keep in mind that you’ll want to use large patterns within large rooms and reserve small patterns for small rooms.  Selecting a small pattern for install within a huge room can cause a blur like effect making the patterns appear to almost blend together.  Large patterns are also much easier to install.

Make sure that you choose capable installers if your carpet will require pattern matching.  Especially with intricate small patterns, using qualified installers is crucial as any mistakes during installation will be very apparent.  The more intricate the pattern, the more room for error there is.  Also make sure that after you’ve selected a carpet for purchase that the store notes if there is a pattern match on the installation papers.

If installed correctly carpet with patterns can create a dynamic effect that can often surpass plain carpet in appearance.