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How To Remove Tobacco From Carpet





To clean Tobacco from synthetic carpet, follow the procedures listed below.  Begin with step one, progressing only to the next step if necessary.  Remember that you always want to use the gentlest approach to cleaning a carpet stain first.


(Begin with step 1, if the stain remains then proceed to the next step. Always test the following stain removal solutions in an inconspicuous area first to make sure they won't damage your carpet.)

Synthetic Carpet

1. Use a dry cleaning solvent such as Carbona or Energine. Dry cleaning solvent should never be used on polyester.

2. Use a mixture of one tablespoon of sodium thiosulfate with one cup of warm water. Make sure the water is not hot.


We used to have a terrible problem with tobacco stains. They'd be on the floor, dining table, walls, and ceilings. Then we came up with a simple solution. We purchased a spittoon and placed it prominently in the center of the living room. Now my buddies and I no longer have to attempt to spit our chewing tobacco out through the open window or door. I can just spit right into the bowl. My wife is thrilled! I love my spittoon.


Tobacco stains on carpet, whether from cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco can make it look old and worn. It's best to get to these stains quickly so as not to allow them to set. The more quickly you act, the better your chances of fully removing a stain.

First, purchase some dry cleaning solvent at your local home improvement center. Using a clean white cloth, apply the solvent to the stain. Blot it on gently. Don't rub at the stain as you'll simply stress the fibers within your carpet.
Continue blotting at the stain as necessary until it has been completely removed. You may need to change out the cloth as it gets dirty. If you're unable to remove all of the tobacco, then mix together the solution listed above in step two.
You can purchase sodium thiosulfate at any local home improvement center. Be sure to put on some protective cleaning gloves before applying the solution. Keep children and pets away as you clean the stain.
Using a clean sponge (are you wearing your gloves?), gently dab on the thiosulfate mixture in the same manner that you did the dry cleaning solvent. Dab it on and blot at the stain until you're happy with the results. Using a clean sponge, thoroughly rinse the area with cold water. You need to be sure that you've removed all of the solution.