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How To Clean Berber Carpet





Berber Carpet


It's very important that you use a "suction only" vacuum cleaner when cleaning berber carpet.  Time and time again I've seen customers purchase berber carpet only to come back several weeks later and complain that their berber is "fuzzing up."  The first question I'll ask them is whether they heeded our advice to use a "suction only" vacuum cleaner.  Inevitably they nearly always respond "no."

Using a normal vacuum cleaner with a beater bar on a berber carpet will tear up the loops causing fuzzing and shedding.  This is a great way to make a lovely new wool berber look old and used fast.  You need the beater bar to clean a cut pile carpet as it agitates the carpet facilitating deep cleaning.  On a berber carpet this will simply tear up the loops, slowly destroying the carpet.

If you spill something onto a berber carpet, the cleaning procedures are the same as for a regular cut pile.  The only difference being that it can be a real pain in the rear to remove gunk from inside the loops.  If you spill something thick like butter or syrup onto your berber, try to scoop up as much of the mess as possible with a spoon or dull butter knife first before applying any type of cleaning product to the spill.

Besides regular vacuuming it's also very important that you have your berber carpet steam cleaned at least once every year.  This will help remove oil and other debris that have built up deep within your carpet.  Steam cleaning keeps your berber looking great and will extend the life of your carpet significantly.  You can learn more about carpet maintenance by reading our basic carpet care guide.