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How To Choose Carpet For Childrens Rooms





When shopping for new carpet for kids rooms there are a few key items that you should keep in mind.  You want a carpet that is durable, stain resistant, and won’t interfere with your child’s play activities.  60’s style shag is a definite no-no.  Not only would it be difficult to roll toy vehicles across, toys and other various small items will disappear into it.

We recommend that you purchase a low cut-pile carpet that is less than one inch tall.  It should be dense enough so that it’s comfortable to walk upon while at the same time allowing various toys to be rolled across it.  A thick Frieze carpet will hinder your child’s play while a Berber probably won’t be soft enough.  The carpet should feel nice as your children will be spending a lot of time on it.

Stain protection is extremely important when it comes to choosing carpet for childrens rooms.  Imagine all the dirty shoes, toys, and various do-dads that will be dropped upon, thrown over, and pushed across the floor.  We highly recommend purchasing a carpet with Stainmaster.  While any stain protection is better than nothing, Stainmaster actually coats the carpet fibers themselves making it difficult for stains to take hold.  Unlike many surface treatments, Stainmaster doesn’t need to be re-applied after steam cleaning and will last for the life of the carpet.

As far as choosing a carpet color, why not let your children pick it?  As long as they don’t pick pure white which certainly wouldn’t stay white for long, I’d try to stay open minded and let them choose a fun color.  Having one strange color in one room won’t throw the entire house out of whack.  It’s not very expensive to change the carpet in just one room when it’s time to sell the house.  Choosing carpet with several different specks of color in it is one option as dirt will blend in with it.

I should mention that sticking with nylon carpet is probably your best bet.  While wool is extremely durable, it’s lacking when it comes to stain resistance.  We recommend that you avoid using wool carpet in children’s rooms.  Stay away from cheap Olefin as well due to its rough feel.  There are some forms of high quality soft Olefin available.

Whichever carpet you choose for your kids rooms, make sure it’s durable, soft, and has at the bare minimum a generic stain resistance.